Accessories Pack for GYMPLATE

Accessories Pack for GYMPLATE

Accessories pack for GYMPLATE

These accessories can increase the range of work opportunities on the GYMPLATE platform.


Caution : Only sold in addition to  GYMPLATE purchase. Not sold separately.

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Leasing price: from 14 € /month*

Pack contents

> 1 Dynamic plate
The dynamic plate is an accessory used with GYMPLATE for the assessment and rehabilitation of dynamic balance.

It consists of a tray placed directly on the platform, based on two cylindrical portions, putting the subject in a spontaneously unstable position, and disrupting the plantar proprioceptive information.


>  1 AIREX Balance Pad

This foam pad is an accessory to place on the GYMPLATE platform.
Its destabilizing property allows to use it for proprioceptive abilities rehabilitation.


>  1 Swiss Ball SECUREMAX 55 cm - Rehabilitation ball.

Placed on the GYMPLATE it will  allow your patients to work more specifically the mobility of the trunk or pelvic belt.